Rapa Nui Corpus




Dear users, welcome to the Rapa Nui (Easter Island) language corpus. This corpus combines a paralleled corpus with texts fully available for reading, and a corpus of glossed texts available only for search (currently is under construstion).

The corpus was built with the support of RAS general committee’s “Corpus linguistics” program, part of the project “Building corpora for the Mayan, Polynesian and Fula languages” in 2012-2014 led by V.M. Alpatov, Doctor of Philology, corresponding member of the RAS. Under the project the Mayan and Pular language corpora are being developed. The Rapanui corpus was compiled by Albert Davletshin, Artem Kozmin and Evgeniya Korovina.

Please note that all the materials are being worked on, contain numerous errors and inaccuracies and some browsers are not compatible with the corpus; despite that, anybody can use the material at their own risk.

All material can be used for scholarly or educative purposes exclusively, and the authors are not to be held responsible for any inappropriate use of the published matter.

The parallel texts corpus can be found at rapanui.polycorpora.org/text. All the texts retain their original orthography; the translations are also taken from original sources. The paragraphing of the original texts is however ignored. The majority of the texts given allow to check their original. The paralleled texts corpus includes Rapa Nui texts published before 1941.